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Who is Coflo anyway?

With over two decades of house dance study, Coflo has been regarding by many influential dancers and pioneers as an important cultural ambassador of house dance in the Western United states. Being a first generation "student" in the Bay Area House Dance lineage has allowed Coflo to explore both the freedom of club dance "freestyle" culture and American codified technique. Being raised both in the club and in the studio environments, with a wealth of experience in club cyphers, performing, competition and teaching; enables Coflo to develop unique views on house dance as a link between pioneering club dancers and the monster competitive next generation of today. Amongst everything, Coflo takes great price in the beauty of movement technique in dance while firmly rooting the emotion within the music that fuels and creates the dance. Culturally, house music has raised Coflo into the positivity driven, community loving, hard working artist he is today.

What is the COFLO Method?

The purpose of “Th COFLO Method” is first and foremost to develop a comfort and understanding of the musical genre known as “House Music”. Second, to establish a creative direction for improvised/freestyle dance movement done to house music. Third, to educate and build a level of comfort with the American Culture that is based in “House Music” or “House Club” culture. With an understanding of the music, movement and culture; students should be able to explore various avenues of “dance artistry” to fulfill any of their personal desires. Such desires may include but are not limited to: learn how to dance, learn more about house music, learn more about house music culture, become better or more versatile dance/movement artists, learn more about music theory, become dance/movement philosophers, integrate into their local dance and or house music/club community.

What is the COFLO Method?

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What is House Music?

House music is the life blood of many dancers, DJs, producers and music collectors throughout the world. It is a mixture of cultures and communities throughout the world with amazingly diverse people accompanied by many unique stories of history and parties found everywhere the bass can be heard. With such a lengthy history and such a diverse background, what house music is today is a living musical organism that has its humble beginnings being created in the dance parties of Chicago with many ingredients coming from the vibe of New York underground party culture. Amongst the many wonderful musical genres/cultures that come from America's short but colorful history, House Music has cemented it self in the history books along side: Blues, Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop as another fantastic cultural export the whole world enjoys and continues to contribute too.

What is House Dance?

House Dance, like House Music, has it's roots stemming from American club/party culture. What the world knows of House Dance today is a wonderful artistic and technical evolution of simple human necessity to be free and express your self on the dance floor. The American house dance styling of today owes much of its world wide pedagogy to a generation of pioneers codifying their popular movements and traveling the world spreading this wonderful dance. Of course, this American style is not all there is in the world of dance done to house music, but what a fantastic contribution to a fantastic music culture. Movements ranging from fancy technical footwork reminiscent of old American hoofing, up through great acrobatic dexterity of various martial art and hip hop influences. Executing everything from the subtle to the extravagant all being glued together by a beautiful and relentless groove to the pulse of the kick drum. House Dance is what you want it to be, so you can be the dancer you want to be.

Dance Essentials: Shoes, Clothing, Music, Sound system etc…

One of the wonderful things about house dance is that you don't need much to enjoy its movement aspects. If you want study technique or are looking for a more immersed experience in the dance culture, then you will want to think about a few essential items that could help you a long your journey. All of these components are completely subjective and only trial and error will get you to a place where you find your "go-to" items for the time being. Even then, over time things will change as you grow in your house dance art.