9. Smooth Styling Series

In this course we begin to get into specifics of styling your dance movements. There are many ways to style your movement. With consideration of your body anatomy, the clothing you’re wearing and the type of song you are dancing too; you can execute some pretty awesome style. We will look at what I call “smooth styling” in this series. The beginnings of which are based around an old New York style that was taught to me many years ago which is called “skating”. Some folks say that “skate or skating” is a step and not really a styling. While I have heard many thoughts on this, it makes no difference to me. For me there is a really cool styling that comes from this step (or style) which I think is very unique to the American House Dance approach. Many places around the world have really adopted this styling in unique ways and made their own expressions of it. I love to see movement and style evolution, it is frickin’ awesome. Let’s get into it and explore the basics.
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